Konetik is the Best eMobility Service at the TU-Automotive Awards

Electrify your fleet with ease

We help companies eliminate the worries of integrating Electric Vehicles with our automated AI driven vehicle and charging advisor.

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While the promise of e-mobility is appealing, the transition to electric vehicles is often challenging: business continuity, range anxiety and financial aspects should be taken into account.

Transitioning to electric vehicles is worth the effort:

  • dramatic reduction of tailpipe emission
  • competitive Total Cost of Ownership
  • EVs are fun to drive

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Learn more about how we helped companies to reduce their carbon footprint and go electric

Reducing the anxiety and uncertainties of integrating electric vehicles while maximizing the economic benefits of EV adoption.

  • Charger Infrastructure Advisor

    Find the best fitting charger setup to seamlessly operate your EV fleet

  • Electric Vehicle Advisor

    Find the best fitting EVs for your fleet

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Prediction

    Get details on the expected TCO of your EV fleet and compare them to your current fleet

  • Learn more about our Solution

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